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Servicing your every
video production

We use all these skills to create you the best video we possibly can, for your budget…



We’ll bring your video to life with our high quality in-house equipment, ensuring the very best production value for your video.


Aerial footage

Take your video to another level by adding super smooth aerial footage. The sky is no longer the limit!



We’re great at grasping your product or business and condensing it down into an engaging masterpiece, using just the right language. 



We have 3 in-house edit suites all loaded with state-of-the-art software, ready to make your video shine. Our edits are snappy, fluid, engaging and most importantly effective. 



Enhance your website and marketing materials with professional photos of your team, company lifestyle shots or product pictures. These will also boost your website conversion rate and sales.


Video strategy

We can boost the return on your video investment by mapping out a complete video marketing formula and advise you how to use it for traffic generation and converting your viewers into leads and customers. 



Our background in design means the on-screen text, intros, bumper slides and motion graphics in your videos will look stylish & bang-on-brand. It’s these small things that make a big difference.



Not comfortable in front of the camera? We have in-house presenters ready to go and easy access to any type of external presenter too. They’ll get your message across in a professional, friendly and engaging way.


YouTube ranking

We can help you to connect with your target market and build trust and authority through educational YouTube videos. These can drive traffic to your site bringing you in a constant source of leads.


Animation & Motion

3d & 2d animated elements, animated intros, section bumpers & motion tracked elements all help to keep your viewers engaged and drive home your key messages while making your video super slick and professional.


Voice over

A well-written, performed and recorded voice over can really add a professional touch to your videos. We have an in-house female voice and easy access to any other type of voice you may want.  


Product launch

Turn your knowledge into a product by making an online video training course which you can sell worldwide. We’ve done this ourselves and can guide you through the video creation, the launch formula and the technology required.


Colour grading

Professional colour grading comes as standard with all our videos. It will really give your video the wow-factor with colours that pop.


Sound design

Whether it’s making your dialogue sound crystal clear or designing sound effects for your fully animated video, good sound is a must for a professional video and we know just how to achieve it.


Media training

How you come across on camera can make or break your video. We can guide you through the process and help you to  perform confidently and concisely to really get your message across.

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