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Our Videos

Check out some online advert video examples

Luxury product advert – Wolf

CGI advert set in space

Comical video advert – Avalara

Comedy advert – Wolf

Luxury advert featured in Harrods

Wolf watchwinder advert

Luxury product advert – Wolf

Skin care brand advert – Up Roar

Brand story / branded content

Here are brand storie or brand content examples

Nisos Yacht Charter promo

Aspen Pumps brand story

Wolf history (190 years)

Caltite brand video

Wolf ‘Legacy’ brand story

Sussex Police PR video

Social media videos

Here we have some examples of video formats made specifically for social media

Most of the videos we make end up on social media but we can specifically make formats for Instagram, Linked In, Facebook, Youtube & any other

Comedy ad

Luxury ad

Luxury ad

Company promo

Luxury ad

Technical ad

Event promo

Michelin rider profile

Service advert

Software & Saas Videos

Check out some examples of software or saas videos

Comical software explainer

Avalara software promo

Technical explainer video

Software testimonial video

Platform explainer

Platform explainer animation

Episerver plaform promo

App explainer

Screen capture video

Product / Ecommerce videos

Check out some product video examples bleow

Wolf luxury product advert 

Orange Badge Product video

JTX product video

Luxury lifestyle product advert

Technical product advert

Lifestyle product video

Product promo video

Luxury advert featured in Harrods

Public sector

Check out some public sector video examples

Sussex Police PR video

Knife crime dramatic re-creation

Santa Bus – Brighton & Hove Buses

3D animation /  CGI

3D animation show reel

3D animation examples

Republica music video featuring CGI

Showing off inginuity with CGI

Creating a wow factor entrance with CGI

Using CGI to tell a story

VFXs – Visual Effects

Republica music video –  Arcade Scene Breakdown

Various projects VFXs Breakdown

Republica music video –  Arcade Scene Breakdown

2D animation

Check out some animation & motion graphics examples

Legend platform explainer

Local Insight explainer video

Concured – Social Media Marketing

Gower Power – Green Energy Fundraiser

Capitalise – Software Explainer Video

Capitalise – Explainer Video

Avalara – Tax Software Explainer

Madiston – Fintech Explainer

Avalara – Tax Software Explainer

Moof IT – Software Explainer Video

Zerista – App Explainer

Travel video

Travel video examples

Nisos Yacht Charter promo

Creating a wow factor entrance with CGI

To Tuscany promo

Planet Travel promo

Property video

Property video examples

Property development promo

Testimonial – McCarthy & Stone

Property promo Mc Carthy & Stone

Event coverage, content and promos

Event video examples

Klaviyo awards ceramony promo

Multicam event coverage

Big screen event content

Event advert (highlights)

BAM conference promo video

BIMM Masterclass – Stephen Street

Multi camera music event

Dotdigital awards promo

Big screen titles

Event launch video

Webinar & virtual events

Webinar & virtual event video examples

Avalara Webinar

Studio based virtual event

Hybrid online/studio webinar

Webinar promo advert

Let’s make your online advert.

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