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Investor relations video production

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Engage & inspire investors like never before

Investor Relations are a key part of any public company’s strategy for growth. But how do you make your presentation stand out from the rest? 

The answer is video.

An Investor Relations video has the power to visually communicate your company’s ethos & culture, what your clients think of you and show off the people that make your company great. An Investor Relations video will engage and inspire your audience way more than a power point presentation ever could.

That’s exactly what dotmailer’s None Executive Director Peter Simmonds told us in his video testimonial below. To find out more, watch the other Investor Relations videos there, as well as a case study explaining how our videos have contributed to company growth.

A 5-minute Investor Relations Video Production can show potential investors:

  • How you started and where you are today
  • Your company ethos & culture
  • Your key people & their passion
  • Your vision for the future
  • Employee & customer testimonials
  • Figures & statistics
  • Successes, awards & milestones
  • Your technology or product releases

Investor relations video production case study – dotmailer

Investor Relations Video

dotmailer 15 year video

Aspen Pumps

Overview of their brands

Client Testimonial

Peter Simmonds (dotmailer)

Why commission an Investor Relations Video Production?

Video is human. People like to invest in people. Video will humanise your story more than any other form of communication ever can. Video has the power to bring your whole company into the boardroom through interviews with key people shot in your offices and show real customers talking about how good you are.

Video is emotional. Heartfelt interview statements, powerful visuals, emotive music and creative animation all combine to stir up e,the kind of emotions a Power Point presentation never could. Emotions are good, they break through barriers. They convince investors to invest.

Video is cutting edge. Build trust in your company by turning up with the latest technology to communicate your story. Stand out from the others who are still giving Power Point presentations.

Video is visual. Take your audience on a visual journey designed to put them in a more receptive mood.

Video is a great investment. Use your video at every single investor relations presentation, take it to one-to-one meetings, have it working for you on your website 24/7 and watch views rack up on your YouTube channel as people start sharing it.

dotmailer Case Study

CASE STUDY: How we helped dotmailer grow with Investor Relations Videos. dotmailer asked us to produce an investor relations video for Peter Simmonds – their CEO at the time – to use in investor relations presentations.
The results were so good that when we produced a 15-year milestone video for them the following year, they asked us to adapt that for the same purpose. Peter found both the videos were extremely effective at showing off the company values, ethos, team culture and passion while engaging audiences all over the city. He showed each video at over 40 presentations where others were struggling to keep audiences engaged through Power Point.

He found that his video presentations made him stand out from the crowd – people would sit up and take note. Potential investors wanted to know more and were eager to hear the finer details about the company. Peter also played the videos in one-to-one meetings, allowing him to effectively engage people for 5 minutes of uninterrupted time while gauging their reaction. This helped him to decide how to start his pitch once the video had finished.

As well as dotmailer’s brilliant product, goal-aligned team and excellent market positioning, Peter was convinced the investor relations videos had a contributing factor to the company’s share price going up over the years. 

“We’ve been working with Media Brighton for about three years now and the work they have produced for us is just fantastic. We’ve got lots of good examples on our website and we use the videos for both staff communications and share holder communication as well. It’s a really good way of getting our message across to our stake holders.”
Peter Simmonds

None Executive Director (ex-CEO), dotDigital Group PLC

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