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Our videos look good, but they work hard too. We design them to

boost your brand online, drive traffic to your website and increase conversions.

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Video production in Brighton & beyond

Our Brighton-based video production team regularly film in London and beyond. But wherever we’re filming, our equipment comes as part of the package, with no extra cost to you.

Thanks to our small and agile team, you can enjoy value for money and a flexible way of working. We know how to make your videos look good, as well as how to make them sell. That’s why market leading brands trust us to make theirs… and you can trust us too.

For professional videos that echo your brand values and really connect with your prospects and customers, you’ve come to the right place.

Tell Your Story With Video Transcription
Tell your story with video
Build credibility, trust and authenticity, while showing enthusiasm and passion for what you do. Add video testimonials and you’ll have a power marketing video that helps your customers connect with you and your brand.
Show off your software.
No matter how complex, we can help you boil down the essence into simple, easy to follow videos – with live action scenes, motion graphics and screen capture all playing out to a script that gets right to the point.
Promote Your Products.
Demonstrate your products features and benefits to a potentially worldwide audience with a conversion boosting videos and see you products sell like hot cakes.
Showcase Your Property
Bring your marketing to life with one of our slick & stylish property videos. Show off your development with cinematic camera work and have your buyers queuing up for viewings.
Advertise Your events
Whatever your event, we’ve got it covered from multiple angles. Capture the energy with a fast paced highlights video complete with attendee vox pops. Position yourself as an expert and reach a wider audience by broadcasting your events to world with our multi-cam coverage. See you events grow.
Your strategy for success
Are you looking to grow your business with video? We can map out video video marketing strategy to maximise its potential. With our help dominate YouTube and attract a laser targeted audience for even more exposure.
Market leading brands trust us to produce their videos, so you can to. Contact us today at Media Brighton, video production and marketing for market leading brands.

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Market leading brands trust us to make their videos, so you can too…

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Watch our latest video productions

Michelin Rider Profile

Nisos Yacht Charter

Dry Ice Cooler Bags

EcoPayz Software

Ben and the Media Brighton team are always a pleasure to work with and nothing is ever too much trouble. The lifestyle product video was skillfully filmed and they were very creative with how to best demonstrate a very technical product. The video was a huge hit with our customers at the Southampton Boat Show and the main reason we sold out by the last day. I would highly recommended their services and I’m looking forward to working with the team on our next project.
Joel Meadows

Director, Dry Ice Cooler Bags

Why work with us?

Video content strategy

Sit down with us and we'll help develope a video strategy to suit your budget, market and product or service offering. We can advise you on how to make your budget go the furthest, ensuring you get the best value of money and return on your investment.


Do this right and you save time and money later. The pre-production process includes scripting your video for maximum impact, developing interview questions, storyboarding for larger more complex projects and sourcing locations and actors.

Multi-tasking crew

We aim to keep our crews to a minimum and pass the saving onto you. This is only possible because our crew members are multi-skilled as-well as hard working.

In-house high-end kit

Using our in-house state-of-art cinema cameras, gimal, slider, pro-audio equipment and lighting we're able to give you a competive price while making your video look and sound amazing.     

Award winning director

Our award winning director will always go that extra mile to get the best shots he can for your video.

Voice over & presenter

Using our in-house vo artist and presenter can not only save you money but make the production process more fluid.

On-time & on-budget

We do what we say we will do. Becuase of our years of experience we can accuratley quote meaning there's no suprises.

Social distribution

As an extra service we can help with your video marketing strategy, including creating versions optimised for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

Our core industries

Although we’re a video marketing & video production company in Brighton, most of our clients are based

outside of East Sussex, in the South East or London area. Below you’ll find a collection of

videos produced for some of our market leading brands.

Software & Saas

Avalara Online Advert

Avalara make tax complience software and wanted a fun way to showcase it’s potential. This online advert is what we came up with. Whether you’re looking for an online advert, a collection of software platform demos, animated explainers, software testominial videos or training videos we can help. Over the years we’ve worked with many software, saas and fintech companies and have a wealth of experience to help you build your brand and showcase your software platform.

Corporate video

dotmailer recruitment 

This recruitment video was made to help dotmailer attract the right employees into their growing business. It really shows the viewer what working at dotmailer is like in a genuine & authentic way, above and beyond what you can portray with words or pritures alone. If you’re looking to increase the effectiveness of your website, get your message out to stake holders or promote your company, then get in touch. We’re always up for meeting and chatting about  how video can help boost your business to the next level.


Madiston LendLoanInvest

Whether it’s animation, live action footage, or talking heads, video is a fantastic way to get your ethos and company story heard, understood and help to differentiate you from your competition in this growing & exciting market. This animated explainer video was created for Fintech company Madiston LendLoanInvest to explain how their peer to peer lending an borrowing website works. Animation is great for presenting complex concepts in an engaging and easy to understand way. 


McCarthy & Stone 

This property video is one of many we have made for McCarthy & Stone over the years to help them sell appartments. The community aspect of their developements is key to their selling message and is why we choose to have interviews at the heart of these property showcase videos. We’ve also filmed events, created internal communications videos, awards submissions, online adverts, recruitment videos  and a 25 minute documentary for McCarthy & Stone over the 4 years of working with them.


JTX Fitness

Selling products online is big business and the best way to show off your products is with video. We were commissioned to create 8 product videos for JTX Fitness to showcase their fitness equipment. Did you know video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80% or more. And consumers are 64% more likely to purchase a product after watching an online video. So If you’re looking for a way to boost the conversion rate of  your website then you’ve found it. Get in touch!


Nisos Yacht Charter

We created Nisos Yacht Charter a series of videos for their website homepage and landing pages for specific charter products they offer. The one above is their home page video and tells the overall story. Having a sailing background helped us create a series of treffic boosting instructional videos for social media. We also filmed a number of boat walk through videos, showcasing individual boats. Creating a boatshow reel to show at exhibitions was the icing on the cake and all of these videos have really helped boost their brand and position them as one of the leaders in their market.


Daniel James Cars 

Buying habits of the automotive industries have changed and video now works great as a way to market your second hand cars online. We created a series car showcase videos for Daniel James Car Ltd. These videos help him to sell cars to people he has never met and from fair-a-field becuase of the trust the video insills into his prospect. We’ve developed serveral packages to suit different budgets so have a look at our dedicted page: Car dealer videos



Events are a great way to widen your network, provide value and attract new business. And there’s one key ingredient needed to make them work…you need people attending! Event highlights videos are a fantastic way to promote your next event, show your attendee’s enthusiasm and explain why people show be there.  Whether we’re filming a highlights video or covering a whole event with multiple cameras you have a slick and professional video that onbrand, on budget and on time!

The media Brighton team came to the Ionian Islands Greece to create a series of high-quality videos which helps us sell our holidays and to inform about the various services we offer. They were superb to work with, full of creative ideas and worked to a strict time frame and within budget. Totally professional, dedicated and the resulting output was excellent quality. We would highly recommend them and will indeed be continuing to use them in the future.”

Rowan Carver

UK Director, Nisos Yacht Charter

Supercharge your brand with video

Although we’re a video marketing & video production company in Brighton, most of our clients are based outside of East Sussex, in the South East or London area. Below you’ll find a collection of videos produced for some of our market leading brands.

Supercharge your brand with video

Although we’re a video marketing & video production company in Brighton, most of our clients are based outside of East Sussex, in the South East or London area. Below you’ll find a collection of videos produced for some of our market leading brands.

Online advert


With 2.5 billion Facebook users, 1 billion Instagram users and 330 million twitter users; it’s hardly surprising leading brands have turned their attention to advertising online. Advanced targeting features enable you to reach a very specific target audience, optimising formats for different platforms will widen your reach and an eye-catching idea will stop viewers mid-scroll to watch and take note. Want to see some of ours? Check out our ‘video advertisements’ page.



With animation, you can create any world you like without the constraints that live action videos may have. Or you can show off your software features, without ever even showing your software. And if you create multiple versions of the same video, varying in length, animation becomes very cost effective. To see more, check out our ‘animation & motion graphics’ page.

Social media content


Companies who do social media well are producing regular content and releasing it across various platforms. Consistent content will help you to build a social following and gain new customers. Michelin came to us for a multi-video campaign to build engagement on their Facebook page and it worked! This video alone got 22k views and the campaign reached over 100k people in only a few days. For more details, head over to our ‘social media video’ page for more details.

Software & Saas

Stay ‘N Touch

Software videos come in many different formats, from fully animated to fully live action and anything in between. We’ll always advise on a mix that is just right for you. This example shows a mixture of live action, 2D & 3D animation and screen capture; all playing out to a cleverly crafted voice over script designed to entice your prospects to take action. You’ll find many more examples over on our ‘Saas & Software Video Production’ page.  

Brand story


Sharing your motivations, purpose, beliefs and values can be a powerful way to attract prospects. Brand videos such as this one are less about selling and more about authenticity, to make your brand feel more approachable and down-to-earth. This brand story video featured on Wolf’s homepage and on their social media channels. In the first few months alone, it racked up over 50k views on YouTube. 

Product video


Selling products online is big business and video is fast becoming an essential e-commerce marketing tool. The eight product videos we made for JTX Fitness perfectly show off the features and benefits of their fitness equipment. Consumers are around 64% more likely to purchase a product after watching an online video, so if you have an e-commerce business, get in touch to boost it with video.

Case study video


Case study or testimonial videos are one of the most powerful types of content you can create. Social proof is a powerful buying trigger which you can benefit from with a well made case study video. It’s effortlessly trustworthy & authentic to have a customer sing your product or services praises rather than doing it yourself. Have a watch of the one we created for OpsBase and get in contact to get the ball rolling.

Company Promo

Nisos Yacht Charter

What’s the first video people will see when they come to your website? It’s probably your company promo or company overview video and you definitely need one. This video should explain how your company or service fixes a problem or fulfills the needs of your target audience. It should show what your product or service looks like, it may even show you. And it should contain you-focused language, features and benefits too. This video for Nisos Yacht Charter is a great example.

Corporate video


A recruitment video is similar to a company overview video, but with a different angle and audience. This one we made for dotmailer shows off their dynamic company vibe and enables them to attract just the right people into their growing business. It’s just one of many corporate videos we made for them and others. Talk to us about increasing the effectiveness of your website with corporate videos; from ‘investor relations videos’ to a simple ‘about us’ video for your homepage.

“I have been fortunate to work with many world class video, TV, corporate and movie producers over the years, but I can honestly say Ben Simon from Media Brighton, is amongst the very very best I have ever worked with on every single level. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”
Yennis Cheung

Actress & Musician, (Skyfall, Somebody to Love & Shanghai)

“Use these guys they are blinking awesome.”
Tink Taylor

Founder, dotmailer

What our video production clients have to say…

James Duke ADF

Skip Fidura dotmailer

Dan Levy OverBoard

Giles GenieConnect

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