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Show off your cars, sell more and beat the competition

As a car dealer you’ll already realise the importance of great photos to help sell your cars on Auto Trader or through your website. In fact Auto Trader claim that having a good amount of varied photos can increase your advert views and the time spent on your advert by up to 300%. But what else can you do to make your car adverts and website stand out from the competition beyond good photos?

The answer is used car dealer videos and we specialise in making them. We’ve come up with a method that makes it fast & cost effective, so you can make videos that sell, for all your cars.

An engaging 60 second car dealer video is the next best thing to someone actually physically coming to view the car and is a great way to show off your cars’ features.

Check out the above Car Dealer Video, which we produced for Daniel James Car Ltd amongst many others.

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I wanted to say how impressed I am with the videos you produced for Daniel James Cars Ltd. I think your video presentation for the Mercedes CLS is great!

Michael Bird

Sales Co-Ordinator & Automotive Photographer, L&L Automotive (Mercedez-Benz Specialists)

Choose a package to suit your budget

Bronze package

minimum of 18 videos a month 

from £59 +VAT / video

from £1062 +VAT p/month 

Our lowest priced videos include a smooth rotation shot around the car with some interior & exterior detail shots. Perfect if you’re on a tighter budget, but still want to boost the perception of your dealership and trust with your potential customers.

  • 1 filming day 
  • 18 cars filmed (per day)
  • 15 mins filming per car
  • 60 second video
  • Wide angle shots
  • Approx 7 shots per video

Silver package

minimum of 12 videos a month 

from £99 +VAT / video

from £1188 +VAT p/month 

Our middle package will show off your cars features even better with more close-ups and 3 features titles included as standard. It’s a higher production-value, higher impact video. 


  • 1 filming day
  • 12 cars filmed (per day)
  • 25 mins filming per car
  • 3 Feature titles
  • 60 second video
  • Wide angle shots
  • Approx 14 shots per video

Gold package

minimum of 6 videos a month 

from £165 +VAT / video

from £990 +VAT p/month 

To really stand out from other dealers and show off your cars in the best light, choose our gold video package. These top end videos contain Top Gear style effects and even more feature titles to have your cars sell like hot cakes. 


  • 1 filming day
  • 6 cars filmed (per day)
  • 50 mins filming per car
  • 6 Feature titles
  • Dynamic transitions
  • 60 second video
  • Wide angle shots
  • Close ups
  • Car driving into shot
  • Approx 30 shots per video

“I’ve just sold a Porsche for £40k to a client I’ve never met after he watched the video. I can highly recommend using Media Brighton.”

Daniel Albrow

Director, Daniel James Cars Ltd

Slick car videos can:

  • Show off your cars’ features
  • Make you stand out from the competition
  • Add class & professionalism
  • Boost brand perception
  • Make your listing mobile friendly
  • Engage your prospects
  • Convert prospects into buyers
  • Sell your stock faster
  • Build trust with prospects
  • Give you a great return on investment

Why use video?

Video isn’t the future, it’s the present!


Useful to customers

“Over 57% of car videos (on our site) were voted to be useful by customers”



Top retailers use video

73% of the top 100 online retailers already feature videos on their product pages



Increase engagement

“The average user spends 88% more time on a website with video”

Mist Media


Video is visual

90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text

3M Corporation and Zabisco

Our process

Monthly contract

Working on a monthly contract basis means we can streamline the whole production process. For example,  filming on a standard day in the week minimises admin, which saves time for both you and us. It also means we can give you a better price per video.


Using our tried and tested method for filming cars, we’re able to film serveral vehicles in a day. This systemised method means you get maximum value for your money, while still getting great results.


We’ve systemised the editing process as well, to pass even more savings on to you. By  adding music, transitions, car features titles and a great call to action, our slick car videos are great at converting prospects into buyers.

Fast turn around

We understand you’re selling cars every week, so the videos need to be ready fast, before a car is sold. That’s why our car dealer videos can be turned around extremely quickly, so you can have them up on your site in a matter of days.

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